Hiring an immigration lawyer will ease your job

If you’re having a keen interest in migrating abroad for study, job or any such task. Then you are going to need an immigration lawyer for the same. Wait, why do I need an immigrant lawyer for continuing my stay at other places? This question is a general question when anyone will read the first sentence. Nothing to worry about. We will state all the reasons for hiring an immigration lawyer and how it will be beneficial for you.

This article will state all the reasons it can be crucial to hire the best immigration lawyer in Toronto. An immigrant application gets selected if it has been filed with the help of an immigration lawyer. How and why does it happen? We are going to talk about the same. Firstly let’s talk about who an immigration lawyer is and what they do.

best immigration lawyer in Toronto

Immigrant lawyers and their role

An immigration lawyer is a person who deals with immigrating government on your behalf for the successful completion of your tasks. The job of migration legal advisors is generally that of a guide or instructor to remote residents and foreigners who must communicate with other migration specialists. They help in work like visa applications, green cards, citizenship, extradition issues, and work for non-residents.

Why do we need them?

A Canadian immigrant lawyer can help you in many ways. They can solve most of your migration-related issues. Some of the strong reasons for same are as follows-

Rejection of application reaches the bar of 18.9%

Due to constantly changing guidelines, rules and deadlines, moving to Canada is not all an easy task to do.

Education and training of an immigration lawyer go incomparable

Immigration lawyers have gone under rigorous training than any of the other consultants dealing in immigration. Canadian migration authority requires migration legal counsellors to have a 4 years advanced education in addition to a law degree which ordinarily takes 3 years to finish and they should breeze through Canada’s legitimate bar affirmation test to provide legal counsel.

Candian immigration application get refused profusely

Approximately, 19.3% of people does everything perfectly, starting from filling the form to paying fees. They lack a few actions that can be easily fulfilled by the presence of an immigration lawyer.

Application prepared by consultants gets rejected at a higher rate

Immigration consultants are available at lower charges but have a higher tendency of failure. Their application approximately 18% get rejected by the immigratory government.

best immigration lawyer in Toronto

An immigration lawyer will save your money and time

Nowadays, minor mistakes in the immigration form can cost you a lot. An immigration lawyer is an experienced individual who has fewer chances to commit mistakes.

The skillset and hard training befit the citizen

All the rigorous training of immigration counsellors worth it because they are updated with every new reform and rule of the immigration process.

Reapplying after your application is denied is testing

Reapplication of immigration application is tough to do, it costs every sort of energy.

Immigration lawyers have the experience of handling complex issues

These professionals are well informed with the experience of dealing with every kind of issue in immigration.

We have stated all the reasons why you will need immigrant lawyers for performing all your migration related tasks. We will certainly suggest you appoint a legal advisor for the same because they will help you in every task.

Why is Toronto, Canada considered as the best country for immigration?

Canada, as we have seen, is one of the best English-speaking countries. Recently, it got awarded for being the best by the Citizenship by Investment programs. Being the country with the largest democratic land has its own advantages. It is considered to be one of the most liberal, open-minded and safest countries in the world. Canada has the 9th biggest economy with a population of 36M and also has this place has the longest coastline. And 90% of Canada’s population is concentrated within 100 miles from the Canada/US border.

Express Entry lawyer

The Quebec Investor program is held under the under Canada Citizenship by investors, you may want to consult an express entry lawyer Toronto for detailed information. Under this many skilled workers, parents of the Canadians, refugees move to Canada. Also, the banking system of Canada is the safest among most of the countries.

As per the records of the United Nations Human Development Index, Canada has the highest quality of life in the world. The natural resources and the quality of human capital is the highest. Also, there is no national language issue as English and French are the official languages and it is a multicultural country. This country has access to Free Trade Markets, making it a good country for business. There are many provinces and city in you can consider settling in. The best immigration lawyer in Toronto immigrationlawyertorontofirm.ca says that the top cities that are worth settling are Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver, Ottawa, Quebec, and Calgary. Out of there, only Quebec is French-speaking, in Montreal, there are 52 languages that are spoken. And Vancouver assures you the best quality of life.

toronto express entry lawyer

Now let’s have a look at the residency by Investment Canada. 

In the Quebec investor program, the person is eligible to live, work, study and invest in Canada without any limitations. With this investor program, the new members will be enjoying the rights as the old Canadian residents alike. The new member will be entitled to almost free university, free education for the children and free universal Health Care. The only right he won’t have is right to vote and holding a Canadian Passport. All you will have to do is consult with a proper express entry lawyer Toronto to know about the detailed information.

Another one is citizenship by Investment Canada.

The best thing about this citizenship by investment Canada is you will have right to the Canadian passport. If you have been living in Canada for 3 years, (even non-consecutive, if you travel a lot) you will be eligible for this. For any immigrant, it is essential that you must have the basic rights like voting and visa, if you get eligible for this, it will be one of the most important events in your life. To know about the details, you must consult an express entry lawyer Toronto. Also, by this, you will get to travel to any country without Visa and also vote in any election of your province. Also, you will be able to contest the election in your province.


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